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mpd_malloc struct mpd_pair* mpd_recv_pair_named ( struct mpd_connection connection,
const char *  name 
) [read]

Same as mpd_recv_pair(), but discards all pairs not matching the specified name.

Definition at line 155 of file recv.c.

References mpd_recv_pair(), mpd_recv_pair_named(), mpd_return_pair(), and mpd_pair::name.

Referenced by mpd_recv_command_pair(), mpd_recv_directory(), mpd_recv_output(), mpd_recv_pair_named(), mpd_recv_pair_tag(), mpd_recv_playlist(), mpd_recv_queue_change_brief(), mpd_recv_song(), mpd_recv_song_id(), mpd_recv_sticker(), mpd_recv_tag_type_pair(), mpd_recv_update_id(), and mpd_recv_url_scheme_pair().

      struct mpd_pair *pair;

      while ((pair = mpd_recv_pair(connection)) != NULL) {
            if (strcmp(pair->name, name) == 0)
                  return pair;

            mpd_return_pair(connection, pair);

      return NULL;

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