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mpd_pure struct mpd_audio_format* mpd_status_get_audio_format ( const struct mpd_status status  )  [read]

Returns audio format which MPD is currently playing. May return NULL if MPD is not playing or if the audio format is unknown.

Definition at line 371 of file status.c.

References mpd_status::audio_format, mpd_audio_format::bits, mpd_audio_format::channels, mpd_status_get_audio_format(), and mpd_audio_format::sample_rate.

Referenced by mpd_status_get_audio_format().

      return status->audio_format.sample_rate > 0 ||
            status->audio_format.bits > 0 ||
            status->audio_format.channels > 0
            ? &status->audio_format
            : NULL;

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