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mpd_pure const char* mpd_async_get_error_message ( const struct mpd_async async  ) 

If mpd_async_is_alive() returns false, this function returns the human readable error message which caused this. This message is optional, and may be NULL. The pointer is invalidated by mpd_async_free().

For MPD_ERROR_SERVER, the error message is encoded in UTF-8. MPD_ERROR_SYSTEM obtains its error message from the operating system, and thus the locale's character set (and probably language) is used. Keep that in mind when you print error messages.

Definition at line 106 of file async.c.

References mpd_async::error, and mpd_async_get_error_message().

Referenced by mpd_async_get_error_message().

      assert(async != NULL);

      return mpd_error_get_message(&async->error);

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