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bool mpd_run_sticker_set ( struct mpd_connection connection,
const char *  type,
const char *  uri,
const char *  name,
const char *  value 

Shortcut for mpd_send_sticker_set() and mpd_response_finish().

connection the connection to MPD
type the object type, e.g. "song"
uri the URI of the object
name the name of the sticker
value the value of the sticker
true on success, false on error

Definition at line 49 of file sticker.c.

References mpd_response_finish(), mpd_run_sticker_set(), and mpd_send_sticker_set().

Referenced by mpd_run_sticker_set().

      return mpd_run_check(connection) &&
            mpd_send_sticker_set(connection, type, uri, name, value) &&

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