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bool mpd_recv_queue_change_brief ( struct mpd_connection connection,
unsigned *  position_r,
unsigned *  id_r 

Receives a response element of mpd_send_queue_changes_brief().

connection A valid and connected mpd_connection.
position_r reference to the position of the changed song
id_r reference to the id of the changed song
true on success, false on error or if there are no more changes in this response

Definition at line 121 of file queue.c.

References mpd_connection::error, MPD_ERROR_MALFORMED, mpd_recv_pair_named(), mpd_recv_queue_change_brief(), mpd_return_pair(), and mpd_pair::value.

Referenced by mpd_recv_queue_change_brief().

      struct mpd_pair *pair;

      pair = mpd_recv_pair_named(connection, "cpos");
      if (pair == NULL)
            return false;

      *position_r = atoi(pair->value);
      mpd_return_pair(connection, pair);

      pair = mpd_recv_pair_named(connection, "Id");
      if (pair == NULL) {
            mpd_return_pair(connection, pair);

            if (!mpd_error_is_defined(&connection->error)) {
                                "No id received");

            return false;

      *id_r = atoi(pair->value);
      mpd_return_pair(connection, pair);

      return !mpd_error_is_defined(&connection->error);

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