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mpd_malloc struct mpd_song* mpd_run_current_song ( struct mpd_connection connection  )  [read]

Shortcut for mpd_send_currentsong() and mpd_recv_song().

connection the connection to MPD
the current song, or NULL on error or if there is no current song

Definition at line 46 of file player.c.

References mpd_recv_song(), mpd_response_finish(), mpd_run_current_song(), mpd_send_current_song(), and mpd_song_free().

Referenced by mpd_run_current_song().

      struct mpd_song *song;

      if (!mpd_run_check(connection) || !mpd_send_current_song(connection))
            return NULL;

      song = mpd_recv_song(connection);
      if (song == NULL)
            return NULL;

      if (!mpd_response_finish(connection)) {
            return NULL;

      return song;

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