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mpd_malloc struct mpd_entity* mpd_recv_entity ( struct mpd_connection connection  )  [read]

Receives the next entity from the MPD server.

an entity object, or NULL on error or if the entity list is finished

Definition at line 207 of file entity.c.

References mpd_connection::error, mpd_enqueue_pair(), mpd_entity_begin(), mpd_entity_feed(), mpd_entity_free(), MPD_ERROR_OOM, mpd_recv_entity(), mpd_recv_pair(), and mpd_return_pair().

Referenced by mpd_recv_entity().

      struct mpd_pair *pair;
      struct mpd_entity *entity;

      pair = mpd_recv_pair(connection);
      if (pair == NULL)
            return NULL;

      entity = mpd_entity_begin(pair);
      mpd_return_pair(connection, pair);
      if (entity == NULL) {
            mpd_error_code(&connection->error, MPD_ERROR_OOM);
            return NULL;

      while ((pair = mpd_recv_pair(connection)) != NULL &&
             mpd_entity_feed(entity, pair))
            mpd_return_pair(connection, pair);

      if (mpd_error_is_defined(&connection->error)) {
            return NULL;

      /* unread this pair for the next mpd_recv_entity() call */
      mpd_enqueue_pair(connection, pair);

      return entity;

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