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connection.h File Reference

Detailed Description

MPD client library.

Do not include this header directly. Use mpd/client.h instead.

Definition in file connection.h.

#include <mpd/protocol.h>
#include <mpd/error.h>
#include <mpd/compiler.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

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bool mpd_connection_clear_error (struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_pure int mpd_connection_cmp_server_version (const struct mpd_connection *connection, unsigned major, unsigned minor, unsigned patch)
void mpd_connection_free (struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_pure struct mpd_asyncmpd_connection_get_async (struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_pure enum mpd_error mpd_connection_get_error (const struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_pure const char * mpd_connection_get_error_message (const struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_pure int mpd_connection_get_fd (const struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_pure enum mpd_server_error mpd_connection_get_server_error (const struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_pure const unsigned * mpd_connection_get_server_version (const struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_pure int mpd_connection_get_system_error (const struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_malloc struct mpd_connectionmpd_connection_new (const char *host, unsigned port, unsigned timeout_ms)
mpd_malloc struct mpd_connectionmpd_connection_new_async (struct mpd_async *async, const char *welcome)
void mpd_connection_set_timeout (struct mpd_connection *connection, unsigned timeout_ms)

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